Configuring the gateway

  1. Overview
  2. Zeroconf
  3. Configuration over the web interface
  4. Configuration over CANopenCommander


The "E2CAN Gateway LC" can be connected to over USB HID, or TCP. The connection over USB HID does not need any drivers and will work out of the box. If you have locked yourself out of the gateway by messing up the ethernet settings, the USB HID connection can be used as fallback to reconfigure the device. See Configuration over CANopenCommander.


The "E2CAN Gateway LC" supports Zeroconf. This is a set of technologies allowing automatic configuration of a network, where no DHCP server is present. If you connect a gateway directly to a PC over LAN cable, Zeroconf will configure the network to a workable state. This process can take up to two minutes. After that, the gateway should be discoverable by the CLS2Sim search feature.

Configuration over the web interface

Enter the IP of the gateway in your web browser. A configuration page will show, allowing network configuration and providing diagnostic information.

Configuration over CANopenCommander

If the gateway can not be reached and configured over the network, connect the gateway over USB to your computer.
After starting CANopenCommander, go to "File" > "Connection Settings..." and select "USB HID as the connection type.
The Baudrate must be "1000" and the selected USB device should be "E2CAN Gateway LC"

After closing the settings window, click on "File" > "Connect". After a few seconds the entry "Node ID 126 (e2CanGateway LC)" should show up. Open that node and click on "E2CAN Gateway Plugin". You will see a view, where you can change the gateway settings.
The only settings you should touch are the ones in the "Ethernet Settings" group box.

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