Virtual joystick

  1. Overview
  2. Installation
  3. Verifying the installation


CLS2Sim can be used with unsupported software, by emulating a standart USB joystick. Additionally, when using a supported simulation software, unused buttons can be used as standart usb joystick buttons. this feature uses a third-party software named "vJoy" located in the "Virtual joystick driver" sub folder of the CLS2Sim installation directory. Although we have tested our product with this driver and found it stable, the driver used is third-party software and therefore Brunner Elektronik AG shall assume no liability for any damage caused.


Close all programs before continuing. If the installation fails, restart the computer and retry, before opening any program. Open the subfolder "Virtual joystick driver" in the installation directory of CLS2Sim and execute the file "vJoy_205_050515.exe". When asked which components need to be installed, uncheck everything and continue.

During installation Windows will notify, that the driver is from an unknown source and will ask for confirmation. If you thrust this software to not be a threat to your system, agree.

At the end of the installation, you should see a message that the software installed successfully. If the installation failed, restart the computer and try again.

Verifying the installation

Open your Gamecontroller configuration window by Pressing Windows + R and entering "joy.cpl" . You should see a device named "vJoy Device" with Status "OK".

Select this device and click on "Properties". A second window with details opens. Verify that the device has 8 axes and 32 buttons.

Congratulations. Your virtual joystick is now ready for use. If you want to use CLS2Sim with third-party software, open CLS2Sim, go to "Connection settings" and select "Emulate USB HID joystick" in the simulation group box. If you want to use supported software and just use buttons in the simulation directly, select "Not bound/USB button" as action for the desired buttons. Once you connect to the hardware, the detail window shown above - if highlighted - will show the joystick movements and button presses.

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