Profile Cloud

  1. Overview
  2. Important notes and pitfalls
  3. How to use it?
  4. Downloading a profile
  5. Uploading a profile
  6. Rating a profile

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Brunner Profile Cloud is a web service that can be used over CLS2Sim. It provides a central platform for users to share their own profiles with other users.
Profiles of other users can be downloaded and rated, with optional comments. Profiles can be uploaded multiple times so updating a profile is possible.
Similarly, ratings of profiles can be updated also, to reflect the improvements of profiles over time. An uploaded profile is linked to the user that uploaded it.
Only that user can update the profile. Other users can download the profile, create a copy of it and upload the copy as a new one.
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Important notes and pitfalls

Profiles can be downloaded and uploaded multiple times. Reuploading a profile will increment the revision and update the server version to the version you currently have.
Downloading a profile that you already downloaded before will update your version to the newest version on the server.
You can find updates for your downloaded profiles, by comparing the two revision numbers in the "Installed profiles" tab.

The 'Installed profiles' tab of the profile cloud only shows profiles that you have either uploaded yourself, or downloaded from the cloud.
It will not show profiles that haven't been uploaded at least once.

The 'Browse online profiles' tab of the profile cloud only shows profiles that have been created with the same type of hardware you are using.
For example: CLS-H Yoke users and CLS-E Yoke users won't see each others profiles.

Downloaded profiles can't be renamed. You have to create a copy of a downloaded profile and can then rename that copy.

When you download a profile that you have downloaded before, the version on you machine will be overwritten by the new online version.

A profile uploaded by you can only be renamed by reuploading it with a new name entered in the name field of the upload form.
This will rename the profile on your machine and on the server.

An uploaded or downloaded profile shows the author behind its name like this: "Name - Author".

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How to use it?

To use the profile cloud, you have to create an account in the Brunner forum. Then after opening CLS2Sim and connecting to your Brunner CLS hardware, open the profile manager and click the Profile Cloud button on the lower left.

You will see the following window. The list in the "Installed profiles " tab will be empty.

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Downloading a profile

To download an online profile, switch to the second tab "Browse online profiles". Select a profile and click on the download button at the top.
Your newly downloaded profile will automatically show up in the profile manager and be selected as current profile.

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Uploading a profile

If you created a profile, or copied an online one and want to upload it, follow the steps as shown.
You must fill in all fields.

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Rating a profile

Profiles that you have downloaded, you can rate. Yes, you can rate your own profile if you want ;)
You have one vote per profile. If your opinion of the profiles changes, you can rate again.
This will update your rating of that profile. This way you can change your rating anytime to reflect changes that the autor made in the meantime.

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